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Brutus Monroe Baroque

2018-07-02 18.08.23
Welcome to my blog!  I’m still on a bit of a high from making it public today that I’ve recently joined the Brutus Monroe Inspiration Team!  AND!  My first order of stamps and supplies arrived today, so I had to sit right down and play!  I was sad to realize that this gorgeous Baroque Background stamp is about to retire; thankfully, there are more very elegant stamps on the website so be sure to check it out!  Anyway, I also ordered some of the Surface Inks and can I just say “WOW!!!”  I can’t believe how richly pigmented the color is!!  For this card I used Terra Cotta ink and sponged it around the edges of my gold-embossed panel.  I then sponged on a little Sidewalk ink to the center.


2018-07-02 18.08.34
Deciding to keep the background as the main focal point, I gold-embossed Happy Birthday from Break The Rules set onto a strip of vellum.  Two shiny gold brads accent the sides!
2018-07-02 18.08.27
The red and gold really pop against the white base card and a panel of gold metallic paper in between was the perfect way to join them!  I loved using my new Brutus Monroe stamps and inks and can’t wait to make another card!  Till then, thank you for visiting!

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