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Stamp Storage Revamp!

2019-01-12 11.50.11
I’m kicking myself for not taking a before picture of my stamp cubbies but I used to store most of my stamps in DVD styled cases and had labels on the spines of each one.  I had them arranged alphabetically on the shelves, but also had random sets in with other sets, so not all were alphabetical.  It was starting to look messy with the labels coming off, and I had a hard time searching for what I wanted, so I decided to revamp!  This first photo shows the first batch of sets newly installed into these awesome envelopes which I ordered from Amazon!  
2019-01-12 16.10.31
I also ordered these 6×6 storage envelopes and used them for my dies and smaller stamp sets.  Each set went into it’s own envelope upon which I placed a new label with the name.  I cut and laminated sheets of white card stock so that the stamps had something to stick onto inside the envelope.  What a task!  Going through each DVD case, removing the stamps, creating a new envelope with label and laminated card and inserting!  I just stuck them onto these two shelves while I worked and sorted them alphabetically afterwards!  
2019-01-12 16.10.41
Because my cubbies are a specific size I did a LOT of searching, both online and in stores, for the perfect bins/baskets.  Many people recommended the clear plastic refrigerator bins but I really wanted to keep the cost down as I would need at least ten or more!  I finally found these baskets from Amazon and LOVE them!!  They’re ten inches wide and 6 inches deep; my shelves are 11″ wide and 5″ deep so these overhang a little but otherwise fit perfectly!  They’re sturdy and well made considering they’re from China!  :/  At a little over $2 each, I felt satisfied with the expense!  
2019-01-13 08.28.27
UGH!!!  What a disaster!!  My stamp room was such a mess for days while I worked on this project, and at one point, I truly wondered if I was doing the right thing.  But of course, I made my way through stacks like this and got the job finished!  
2019-01-13 08.28.49
I ended up with over fifty empty cases, 25 of which I gave to my local stamping friend and will sell the others online.  I kept all the clear ones for future storage.  
2019-01-13 08.28.38
I forgot to mention that the very first thing I did while waiting for my envelopes and baskets to arrive, was to create these aqua laminated dividers.  I wish I’d waited till the end to label them, as some of the labels were extraneous.  But I like the new system!  As you can see, I kept the Stampin Up sets in their own cases.  I’ve also started unmounting my wood stamps from the blocks and will store them in the same kind of envelopes, more of which are coming tomorrow!  That’ll free up space in my cubbies!  (Which BTW, I bought from Goodwill about six years ago for $10!!)  
2019-01-13 08.29.28
I had to adjust my alphabetizing somewhat; this bin has A’s and B’s…
2019-01-13 08.29.53
Not surprisingly, my Stampendous bin is STUFFED and I’ll definitely need to start another one!  Have I ever mentioned how much I love their stamps?!  😉  
2019-01-16 14.38.30-3 (1).jpg
Not the greatest picture but YAY!  Done and cleaned up!  The cubbies are just behind the door on the right.  And they look GREAT!  
2019-01-14 12.51.15
These sets will get transferred to envelopes and baskets soon!  
2019-01-16 06.53.09
Last but not least, my embossing/cutting station storage got revamped as well!  This top drawer holds two shoebox bins and the dies and folders all got new dividers with new labels and the dies are in new envelopes.  I’m very happy with my new system and hope you enjoyed this pictorial walk through my process!  Thanks for visiting!  

2 thoughts on “Stamp Storage Revamp!”

  1. Thanks for sharing your old vs. new storage project! It has given me some ideas, as I want to revamp my room as well. I like how you organize sets, and now I’m definitely inspired to plan how I’d like to redo some of my stamps, too, Sharon. BTW, I am usually a lurker, but please know how appreciative I am for each of your posts! Best wishes as you continue onward! hugs, de


  2. I’m so glad that my post was helpful and encouraging to you, Donna! You’re welcome to lurk any time you want, but I especially appreciate your comments and kindness! 🙂 Thanks so much for that! 🙂


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