Welcome, Friends!

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Welcome to CopyCatCards!  My name is Sharon White and I’ve always loved cards!  As a young girl, I was influenced by my grandmother who collected used greeting cards and created amazing scrapbooks with them.  She shared her love of color and design with me, and I loved going through her stash of cards and fabrics.

Long before I knew about rubber stamps, I made my own cards, drawing and painting by hand, copying designs from cards or other printed images I liked.  Hence the name “CopyCatCards”!  I also cut apart bits and pieces from cards, calendars, flyers, or gift wrap which I incorporated into my cards.  I tried my hand at block printing, silk screen, pen and ink drawing with a rapidographic pen and many other mediums.

In 1999 a friend introduced me to rubber-stamping.  I was immediately intrigued by the simplicity of stamping an instant image, ready to color or paint, embellish and make into a beautiful card!  Now it’s 2018 and I’ve created hundreds of hand-stamped cards, many of which are in my galleries on Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr and Instagram.  I’m inspired every day by other card artists and hope to inspire you as well!  Thank you for stopping by!

If you see a card you like, there’s a good chance it’s for sale in my Etsy shop!     www.etsy.com/shop/CopyCatCards