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CopyCat Frenzy!

2020-04-23 14.28.59
Hi there!  Today I’d like to share a series of cards I’ve made recently!  I was poking around in my  Instagram saved cards collection and came across THIS one made by Maura R.  It’s vivid colors and bold design struck me anew and so I decided it was time to live up to my CopyCat name and have a go at replicating it!  I found a flower sketch on Pinterest that was similar to Maura’s huge blossom and printed 4-5 copies out onto watercolor paper.  Pictured above is the first card I made using Altenew’s Watercolor Brush markers, a black Zig for the bold outlines and a black Posca pen for the finer details.  A spattering of black and white paint added the final detail before I added the Tim Holtz stickers, raised up off the panel.
2020-04-23 14.28.59-1-1
I loved making my first card so much that I jumped right into a second one, this time a Slimline style and used a lot of purple and blue on the blossom.  I love how that orange background really makes the flower pop!  More Tim Holtz stickers finish the card with a meaningful sentiment.
2020-04-22 12.19.42
Because a combination of orange and aqua really appeal to me, I made another card like my first one.
2020-04-23 11.13.52
My fourth card features a jade green blossom with a deep red background; I love the unusual color of this flower and it’s yellow leaves!
2020-04-23 14.28.59-1-2
Another blue and orange card!




2020-04-23 14.28.59-1-3
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2020-04-23 11.14.09
I decided to try my hand at drawing my own image~ someone really liked the sentiment on this one and bought my card! 



2020-04-23 11.12.20
I drew this one too and sold it!
2020-04-22 12.28.47
I created another slimline card and wrote out a quote about kindness by Mr. Rogers.  I loved making each and every one of these cards and hope you enjoyed seeing them!  Thanks for visiting!

6 thoughts on “CopyCat Frenzy!”

  1. That’s a really lovely compliment, Donna! I loved making these cards and finding just the right sentiments for this difficult time we’re all in. 🙂


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